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Legal Stuff: Copyright & Dissemination

Under the Berne Convention, this document is Copyright 1996 - 2001 by Lani Teshima, all rights reserved. Permission is granted for it to be reproduced electronically on any system connected to the various networks that make up the Internet as long as it is reproduced in its entirety, unedited, and with this copyright notice intact. Web sites are included. [Plain English version: If you are reading this with a web browser you technically downloaded a "copy" of this to your desktop. That's okay.] You are granted permission to add a link to my FAQ from your web site. Be aware: With the organization of web pages, only the URL of the main page at is guaranteed to always apply. If you add a link to any of the Travelite FAQ web pages and you use frames, and clicking on my links does not take the readers out of your web site, you must explicitly state, in visible text, the fact the Travelite FAQ link is not part of your web site, and that you are not its author nor maintainer. I reserve the right to request removal of any direct links to my site.

Individual papers copies may also be printed for personal use. This document was produced for free redistribution. If you paid money for it, not only did you do so unnecessarily, but none of the money went to the person who did the work of producing the document. Please contact me for permission if you wish to mass reproduce this FAQ, whether it is for your class, presentation, company, customers, or to line your bird cage.

If you would like to include parts of the FAQ in your handouts, please give me proper credit by including "Travelite FAQ: Packing Tips for CarryOn-Only Trips" by Lani Teshima , © 1996 - 2001."

While you are allowed individual copies of the FAQ, that does NOT mean my FAQ is in the public domain. To quote Jeffrey Knapp, "Lately, spaghetti publishers have taken to exploiting FAQs and lists, often publishing them without obtaining written permission. This is an abuse of copyright laws, and threatens the continued viability of the FAQ system which benefits us all."

Legal stuff: The contents found within the Travelite FAQ are provided for educational and informational purposes only. Neither the author nor any of the contributors assume any liability for any damages or loss of possessions incurred, nor of any events that may lead to the injury or death of any individuals as a result of information provided herein. Various brand and product names found in this FAQ are the property of the trademark/copyright/patent holders.

If you have a travelite-related web page that is not in the resource list, or would like to email me with more travelite tips, please email me.

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Technology/Software used


Through the end of 1999: The tiny 4.5-pound Macintosh Powerbook 2400c/180 with 64Mb of extra RAM added to the original 16Mb for a total of 80Mb, cranked up to 160Mb with RAM Doubler; the slow (6x) but oh-so-cute Sony portable CD-ROM Discman, Iomega Zip Drive; 3Com/USR x2 56k PCMCIA card modem [I should note however that my phone lines are very unreliable and I rarely log on at higher than 36.6]. Any photos taken copyrighted by me in 1999 are taken by an Olympus D400-L digital camera.

Currently, I use a graphite iMac DV with built-in DVD-ROM drive. Yeah, a G3 would be nice... but for home use this suffices. Photos are taken with an Olympus D2020 digital camera.


Through mid-2000: All html work hand-coded exclusively with the Mac-only BBEdit 4.5.2 by Bare Bones [I cannot speak highly enough of this text editor]. Web browser: Netscape Communicator 4.08 (primary), and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 (for comparison purposes). Graphics: Graphics Converter 3.0.2. Database: FileMaker Pro 3.0 for the Mac. File uploading: Fetch 3.0.3. IRC: IRCle 3.03.

Currently, most work is done in Macromedia Dreamweaver, which still allows me to tweak html in BBEdit. Dreamweaver's site-management and template capabilities sold me on going WYSIWIG.


The beauty of the Internet is its wealth of resources. Most of all of the extra bells and whistles at this site come from various Web pages.

  • Fully indexes your Web site to let readers do a word search. The main home page includes an advanced search capability.
  • Pilot Screwdriver: Lets you convert html pages into DOC files to read on your Palm OS organizer. Most of the pages at this Web site have direct access to this utility.
  • A free mailing list site that hosts my free monthly tips. As of February 2000 there are over 1,000 subscribers! Thank you!



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