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Monthly Packing Tip Archives

January 2001
Happy New Year! News and tidbits
November 2000
New travel search engine
October 2000
Photographer's vests
September 2000
Terra Tints, new Ziploc sizes
July 2000
MousePlanet, Razor scooters
June 2000
Packing for hot weather
May 2000
Summer shopping alert
May 2000
Lighten your mailbox
April 2000
Ziploc tip
February 2000

Travelite Magazine

The magazine has changed format. Articles that would have appeared in the magazine are have now merged with my monthly tips, so that you can get it directly in email, or read it on your handheld. In the meantime, enjoy these past issues!


Winter 2000: Special Edition -- Handheld Organizers

Contents: Why Get a PDA?; Four Basics; Travel-Worthy; Picks; Shop Around.

Spring 2000

Contents: Baglady Boarding Pass; Gadget Review of the Gustbuster umbrella; a visit to an international luggage goods expo; an interview with the VP of L.L. Bean's new travel catalog, and a summer sneak peek.

Winter 1999

Contents: Monthly tips; Baglady Boarding Pass; Overseas carry-on travails; review of the AlphaSmart 2000 keyboard, and web site review overview of online shopping.

Summer 1999

Contents: Baglady Boarding Pass; staying in touch on the road; gadget review of the C. Crane LED Flashlight, and web site review of uphill down (soft-sided backpack manufacturer).



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