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The Basics: Welcome!

Have you ever struggled with your suitcases at airports, cursed your family members for packing too much, or wondered how in the world some people could actually travel with just one bag? If you have, this web site is for you! By the time you finish reading this, you will be well on your way to a new way of traveling!


This FAQ serves as a basic reference for adults planning a non-business trip. Since I am in the U.S., most of my references will be in the U.S. For the most part, these measurements have to do with luggage size. Keep in mind that one inch equals 2.54 centimeters. When converting bag sizes, multiply the number of inches times .394 and this will get you the correct metric size. In the coming months I will also have sections on traveling with kids.


This FAQ is designed to help everyone learn how to travel with the minimum amount of luggage--preferably with just one primary carry-on bag. (Yes! It can be done!) This FAQ will talk about the benefits of traveling with a light load; how to travelite, as well as other resources you can go to for further information. Even if you've never been able to go around the corner block without three suitcases, you too can become a traveliter after reading this web site. [Note: This FAQ was written by a travel enthusiast as a hobby and to share information. This is not a commercial site and I don't sell you stuff here, although I do provide you with links to in the bibliography section.]


This FAQ is geared primarily for three-season travel (spring, summer, fall). Information on winter travel will be available in a future edition, as we near the colder season in the Northern Hemisphere.


This FAQ is geared primarily for air travel because of the luggage requirements the carriers (and now the FAA) have stipulated. This FAQ can also work for train and car travel (especially if your car has a small trunk). This FAQ will also make you a little more environmentally friendly because traveling light means saving fuel (less energy spent, and less exhaust). As a basic FAQ, readers who plan to do some extensive camping ("roughing it"), spend most of their trip giving business presentations to the same audience, or spend most of their trip doing some equipment-heavy sports (e.g. skiing) will probably find that their packing list will need to be substantially modified.


Why not? Seriously, though; the benefits of carrying all of your possessions with you are tremendous. As it is, most people simply don't know how or don't think it can be done. A detailed list of pros and cons are listed below. By the time you've perused this web site, I hope you change your mind and give traveliting a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how it'll help smooth your travels.

Let's get started! Next: An Introduction to the advantages of traveling light.


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