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How to pack your clothes

One of the reasons I didn't have this section in the past, is that it's very difficult to explain how to pack without any sample illustrations. What I will do is tell you about two methods I recommend.

The Bundle Method

This is the method recommended by Judith Gilford, author of The Packing Book (listed in the beginning of this FAQ). VERY basically, this method involves layering your clothing in your bag, and letting each garment hug the item over it. In the end, you have a piece of clothing that looks like it's hugging a big bundle of stuff. If you want a good example, go look at Gilford's book. Doug Dyment is also explains this method in his web site.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It System

A new-fangled line of products from Eagle Creek, these items are basically Cordura nylon envelopes. The way it works, you fold your clothes using a plastic sheet the provide, which is measured to fit your pack-it envelope. When you are done packing in this orderly, measured manner, you velcro the sides of the "envelope" like you're diapering a baby. A good way to keep your clothes together if your travelpack doesn't come with its own cinch straps.

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