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Selecting Your Travel Wardrobe

For your flight

Synthetics such as polyester resist wrinkles well, and some manufacturers use synthetic blends in travel clothing to make the garments look really sharp. Something most of us don't think about (or don't like to think about), but that we read in air travel safety publications, is that synthetics tend to have a lower melting point. Most of us will never be in an aircraft emergency, but if you are the extremely cautious type, consider avoiding wearing synthetics (including pantyhose) on your flights. I do recommend that everybody wear covered shoes (lace-up types preferred, as you can loosen them if your feet swell during the flight).

For a hot day

It's actually better to wear a lightweight, light-colored long-sleeve shirt on a hot and sunny day, than something like a t-shirt. The shirt protects your skin from the sun but allows your skin to breathe. It absorbs perspiration, and dries quickly. You can always roll up the sleeves--and if it's a little cooler, wear it as an overshirt. If it calls for a slightly nicer attire, button up your shirt and put on a tie or scarf!


If you take your glasses with you, don't forget to get an eyeglass prescription from your optometrist, in case you lose or break your glasses. If you don't mind paying extra, consider buying glasses that darken in the sun. This will save you from taking a second pair (of sunglasses). Spend a few extra dollars buying your eyeglasses a "leash." These are pretty common now--although the old stereotype had them used only by bitty old librarians (I can say that because I myself am a librarian! So there!). If you plan on doing any strenuous activities while wearing your glasses (hiking, sailing, etc.), I would suggest a pair of "Croakies." These are leashes made of wetsuit neoprene material. They fit all the way on your ear portions of your glasses. Don't forget to take a hard-shelled eyeglass case so you don't accidentally squish it!

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