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Currency Converter

Need to know how much Euro your American dollar will get you? Find out with the Travelite FAQ's Currency Converter, brought to you by OANDA.

Packing Lists

Printable packing lists; exclusive to Travelite.

Annotated Bibliography

A list of travelite-friendly books with short annotations accompanying each title. A cover shot is provided where available, so you can more easily identify it when you visit your local library or bookstore. If you prefer to order it, you can now do so directly from the links I provide. The link will take you to, where I participate in their Associates program.

Webliography of Commercial Travelite-Related Web sites

The web sites reviewed and rated in this section are all commercial and travel-related. Most of them are specifically travelite-related as well. If you have a commercial web site you would like to have added, please go to the Travelite FAQ Lounge and follow the instructions for adding a link.

Webliography of Helpful Noncommercial Web Sites

Content-heavy personal home pages are getting harder and harder to find. And why not? Most of us have busy lives, and it's difficult to maintain web pages regularly. So when you find a travelite-friendly home page, it's like a great little nugget or a pearl of wisdom the writer is offering to share. I appreciate these pages the most.

Ready Reference Links

Want a link to airlines, car rental agencies, passport offices, currency converters, maps and every other travel-related useful link available all in one place? You got it here! No reviews. No ratings. No long descriptions. Nothing but links to get you there in a zip.

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