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iPads and Turkish Delight

Sorry to disappoint you; the two are unrelated. Except that they are both related to my recent trip to Istanbul. I’m still considerably jetlagged but I hope to post some new entries based on some thoughts and observations from this most recent trip. I did, however, want to mention a couple of things for now. […]

Top gripe: Luggage fees

Pick up the current issue of Consumer Reports (June 2010). Besides a great article rating the current computers on the market, the issue has a special travel section where it rates the best and worst hotels; very helpful if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what works best for your travel needs. […]

Spirit Airlines gets bagged

It wasn’t but a couple of months ago that Spirit Airlines caused travelers to gasp in horror when it introduced a new $45 bag fee–for carry-on luggage. Their logic was that the aisles would be less crowded during boarding, and there would be a lot of room in the overhead bin. Personally, I thought it […]

Post-December 25 air travel

Stuff is flying (and I don’t mean airplanes) since the foiled bomb attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Northwest Airlines flight 253, specifically on how the government and airlines are reacting. The Transportation Security Administration under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security umbrella issued Security Directive SD 1544-09-06, which it sent to all airlines and […]

Reader inquiry: What to wear when traveling overseas?

Reader Brian wrote: I am 72. My wife and I are going to Spain, Portugal and then Morocco. She is concerned about what to wear in places like Fez, Casablanca, etc. She is deathly afraid of people “hissing” at her, as she has been told will happen. Dear Brian, I’m sorry to hear that your […]

Fee or free? Spreadsheet makes checking airline info a snap

When looking for airline tickets, do you think about all the hidden fees or whether you’re allowed to sneak your super-sized “carry-on” onto the plane? Travel clothing seller Travelsmith has published a very handy spreadsheet online called “Carry-On/Check-In Luggage Guidelines.” You can get it in PDF form, which means you can easily view it on […]

A Great Little Gift Idea from a Reader

Susan U. had a great idea after she read my review of the Baggallini Teenee wallet purse: Loved the review of the Teenee Baggalini and am thinking what a nice little Christmas gift that would make—to get the Baggalini, and add the Moleskine notebook and Pilot mini pen.  I’m psyched!  I know several people who […]

Product review: Baggallini Teenee wallet purse

One thing about women: our clothes don’t always come with pockets. Or if they do, they’re small and more for aesthetic purposes. Unless you wear cargo pants with huge pockets, chances are, you carry a purse in order to keep your wallet, phone, and other items near you. But what if you don’t want to […]

Are You a “Just In Case” Packer? 10 Reasons Why You Want to Travel Lightly

Are you are the type to always travel with check-in luggage? Do you always take along a few extra things just in case? Do you feel insecure when you don’t have everything in your packing list included in your luggage? Today, let’s look at some basics of traveling light.* Even if you might not be […]

Good travel-related customer service in this day and age?

If you read travel guru Christopher Elliott‘s writings as I do, you would think that the entire travel-related industry is going to hell in a handbasket when it comes to customer service, be it airlines that routinely institute new fees, or hotels that regularly overbook and then send unwary customers to lower-grade motels (if at […]