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The best way for you to contact me is via email:

You’re also free to post comments to my blog posts.

I do grant interviews for print, radio, and Internet audio. I prefer getting questions in advance for print media if possible. If you are on a very tight deadline, please be aware that I may not be able to return your query in time. I do, however, check my email regularly.

Media inquiries

If you are interested in an interview, please email me at the above address.

Product reviews

If you have a product that you believe will be something my readers might want to use to help them travel light, please email me. I accept samples and regular products, but I reserve the right to give a fair and honest review. Mailing me your item does not ensure a raving review.

Web sites and link exchanges

I don’t do an indiscriminate link exchange, including directories and listing Web sites for hotels or travel agencies. My Web site focuses on traveling lightly, and is not a generic travel Web site.